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Lakeside High School Has Outgrown It's Emergency Access

Lakeside High School's landlocked location and limited surface street access severely limits the ability of emergency personnel to reach students, staff, or neighborhood residents in the event of an emergency.  Lakeside High School is already too large for its street access which risks endangering students.  This analysis was presented at the February 7, 2018 School Council meeting.

Katie Bell shared expert analysis from first responders (including the Drug Enforcement Agency and Fire Department).  The unanimous opinion of the first responders was that Lakeside's ingress/egress is insufficient for a school of its size.  A super school requires multiple ingress/egress and Lakeside has only one.  Due to site limitations this accessibility cannot be remediated and risks endangering students should first responders not be able to access the site.


Student, Staff, and Resident Commuting

The distance that students have to travel from their homes to Lakeside High School is detrimental to their educational experience, leaves many unable to participate in after school activities, and creates a safety hazard in the surrounding neighborhood with poor emergency vehicle access.

  • 883 students at LHS travel 4 or more miles (41%)
  • 449 students at LHS travel 5 or more miles (21%)

There are already 35 separate school bus routes that have to navigate Briarcliff Road daily.  Expanding Lakeside HS will result in a similarly proportioned increase in bus and auto traffic on this two lane road.

DeKalb County Schools Historical Enrollment and Capacity Reports


Student Experience

Lakeside High School student Ms. Celeste Chapman eloquently describes the traffic gridlock caused by designed overcrowding at her neighborhood school.  Every morning there are 2100+ students trying to navigate small neighborhood streets to get to Lakeside High School.  She describes her daily struggle to navigate the gridlock just to get in and out of her school.  Even then, her commute is one of the shorter ones.



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