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Overcrowding within the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) Regions 1 and 2, including Lakeside High School (LHS), has become a crisis. The simplistic DCSD Board of Education (BOE) response has been to approve physical plant expansions to three high schools in those areas (specifically LHS, Chamblee Charter HS, and Dunwoody HS) in order to increase the student capacity at each school.

LHS has a strong heritage of academic excellence, but over the past 10 years its academic performance has steadily declined. In 2005, LHS ranked 107 out of the best 1,200 high schools in the United States according to Newsweek magazine, and was the top high school in Georgia. In 2006, LHS ranked 135 nationally.   But since 2006, LHS has not been ranked anywhere in Newsweek's list of the best 1,200 high schools.

Assuming continued growth and DCSD's 2022 enrollment projections, the proposed expansions would not only fail to solve the overcrowding problems, but would create new and bigger problems.  Far from improving the staff's ability to raise student academic performance, expansion of existing facilities would almost certainly further compromise student academic performance, safety, and access to extracurricular activities, and well as impact local traffic and neighborhood quality of life. 



Petition to the DeKalb County School Board

We, the undersigned group of LHS supportive citizens, join the LHS School Council and the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners in urging the DCSD to halt this LHS expansion and develop a real, not casual, strategic plan for the whole district before building or expanding any existing facilities. A better plan would most likely include building a new high school for the impacted Regions.

For LHS on a stand-alone basis, we urge the BOE to immediately reverse the expansion decision, reduce the student population to 1,796 level it was expanded to accommodate in 2012, and invest in appropriate repairs and maintenance needed at the current site.



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Gary Lowe
Dale Kendrick
Kelly Mihalis
Harold Bouis
Ginger McVeigh
Amanda Deljou
Tera Asp
Shaun Burns
Elizabeth Beyer
Kim Pollard
Pam Mason
Cathy Beasley
Sergio Castaneda
Sarah Pannill
Connie Ding
F.G. Beauregard
Courtney Massey
Lisa Patrick
Michael Held
Nicole Floody
Debbie Arogeti
Paul Bamford
Julie Comer
Jared Brandman
Kathy Smith
Matt Crouch
Elizabeth Villari
Catherine Reese
Renu Lal
Yingxin Wu
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  • Gary Lowe
    signed 2018-09-24 08:24:21 -0400
    Creating mega-high schools is not the answer, as test scores show. Smaller and more local is better.
  • Dale Kendrick
    signed 2018-09-23 21:36:25 -0400
  • Kelly Mihalis
    signed 2018-09-23 21:06:15 -0400
  • Harold Bouis
    signed 2018-09-23 20:55:01 -0400
    I live on one of the cut through streets that’s a major route to/from Lakeside (Mercedes Drive) and cut through traffic is terrible and places for students to park are too limited as it is on school property, so many students are having to park on the surrounding subdivision streets. And we don’t want the trees clear cut that back up to our subdivision to make way for more ball fields at the school.
  • Ginger McVeigh
    signed 2018-09-23 20:50:07 -0400
  • Amanda Deljou
    signed 2018-09-23 20:48:59 -0400
  • Tera Asp
    signed 2018-09-23 18:25:09 -0400
  • Shaun Burns
    signed 2018-09-23 17:55:31 -0400
  • Elizabeth Beyer
    signed 2018-09-23 16:32:53 -0400
  • Kim Pollard
    signed 2018-09-23 16:20:19 -0400
  • Pam Mason
    signed 2018-09-23 16:00:16 -0400
  • Cathy Beasley
    signed 2018-09-23 15:31:02 -0400
  • Sergio Castaneda
    signed 2018-09-23 15:30:41 -0400
  • Sarah Pannill
    signed 2018-09-23 14:50:51 -0400
  • Connie Ding
    signed 2018-09-23 13:27:09 -0400
    The expansion will not only destroy the quality of education, but harm the neighborhood. The safety and the traffic will definitely be worse. There are already students trespassing through my neighborhood, parents illegally parked at my curb during the afternoon times, cars blocking the intersection at Briarcliff and Oakgrove Rd. Let’s move these 750 extra students somewhere that are better fit in terms of their infrastructure.
  • F.G. Beauregard
    signed 2018-09-23 13:17:39 -0400
    This GLOBE family supports this petition. Thank you.
  • Courtney Massey
    signed 2018-09-23 13:06:23 -0400
  • Lisa Patrick
    signed 2018-09-23 13:06:06 -0400
  • Michael Held
    signed 2018-09-23 12:19:10 -0400
  • Nicole Floody
    signed 2018-09-23 12:05:36 -0400
  • Debbie Arogeti
    signed 2018-09-23 12:02:50 -0400
  • Paul Bamford
    signed 2018-09-23 11:46:49 -0400
  • Julie Comer
    signed 2018-09-23 09:24:39 -0400
    I strongly oppose this ill advised plan.
  • Jared Brandman
    signed 2018-09-23 07:48:50 -0400
  • Kathy Smith
    signed 2018-09-23 00:53:25 -0400
    Kathy J Smith
  • Matt Crouch
    signed 2018-09-22 22:35:30 -0400
    I strongly oppose this expansion !
  • Elizabeth Villari
    signed 2018-09-22 22:08:16 -0400
  • Catherine Reese
    signed 2018-09-22 22:07:37 -0400
  • Renu Lal
    signed 2018-09-22 21:32:45 -0400
    Quality education is very critical for future generation, and conducive environment is the KEY to success. Dont make Lakeside bigger, strive for excellence instead!
  • Yingxin Wu
    signed via 2018-09-22 21:13:59 -0400