How DCSD Needs to Make Lakeside HS Better

Lakeside BETTER…  HOW?

To make Lakeside Better, the school district should address these issues:


  • Right Size enrollment to reflect capacity of the current buildings and campus acreage.
  • Replace the ancient, failing pool: used for Instructional Aquatics PE Classes teaching the life-saving skill of swimming to those that have no other access; also serves as the regional pool for 5 other schools’ swim/dive teams and our water polo team, a popular club sport.
  • Lakeside HS Pool Decking
  • Lakeside HS Pool Plumbing
  • Repave the failing driveway in front of the school that is only 6 years old (SPLOST III).
  • Lakeside High School Driveway
  • Resolve the flooding issue when it rains in the courtyard between the gym and Fine Arts Building (FAB).
  • Repair the ceiling leaks in the glass corridor between the gym and the FAB.
  • Remove eleven trailers (portable classrooms) then repair tennis courts that are cracked and unsafe for play (built in 2012, cracked since 2014);
  • Repair/replace the gutters that have been broken/hanging since 2012 along gym wall that allow water to puddle along foundation
  • Repair leaking water source on the north wall of the Fine Arts Building. It has been leaking for 3+ years now and will damage the foundation of new Fine Arts Building.
  • Lakeside High School Water Leak
  • Address ongoing rodent infestation
  • Lakeside High School Rodent
  • Replace or repair damaged lunch tables, install a shade/rain structure, and expand outdoor eating area for students who desire fresh air
  • Complete a full tempered glass audit (all windows/doors)
  • Replace the 2 broken double paned windows in the Fine Arts Building
  • Repair broken light switches
  • Lakeside High School Light Switches
  • Install toilet paper holders where accessible in female restrooms
  • Lakeside High School TP Holders
  • Address unsafe pedestrian access to the school buildings from sidewalks
  • Address unsafe vehicular access to the school being particularly sensitive to the needs of young student drivers.
  • Lakeside High School Vehicle Access
  • Demand that the Board of Education spend 65% of the system’s total operating funds in all classrooms in DCSD, including LHS, as dictated by state law
  • Restore class sizes to the state requirements, not the DCSD Strategic Waiver
  • Provide increased security measures: an additional School Resource Officer so when the one assigned is pulled, there is another on site; require campus security staff to pass fitness test; provide improved locks on classroom doors; provide full time staff to watch security camera monitors
  • Provide full time bilingual liaison to help Hispanic families which make up about 40% of the population so the school and families can work more closely to help students be more successful
  • Ensure that all buses arrive on time each day so all students have a full instructional day and middle school is not impacted instructionally too
  • Provide full time social worker and psychologist on campus
  • Provide enough counselors to resume individual conferences for each grade level
  • Increase graduation rate from 82% to 100%
  • Increase College and Career Readiness score from 82.9% to 90%+
  • Provide appropriate testing environment for EOC, AP, PSAT tests
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