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Secondary School Facility Planning and Feasibility Study Riddled with Assumptions and Disclaimers


The Secondary School Facility Planning and Feasibility Study (SSFPFS) dated October 31, 2016 done by Education Planners, LLC jumped to conclusions.  Their work made assumptions that require further study by additional experts, “This study does not constitute a redistricting plan, although in order to determine the feasibility of specific options to address overcrowding, certain assumptions were made…”      

Troubling, the architect reviewed conceptual site plans contained in the SSFPFS Appendix were done by another entity (a sub-contractor) Gardener, Spencer, Smith, Tench and Jarbeau who likely never visited the site.  Their work on Lakeside High School includes disclaimers such as: 1. Architect reviewed 2. Limited site acreage 3. Requires relocation of softball field which may involve extensive grading and possible retaining walls. Estimated cost of field relocation is $600,000  Drawing is conceptual and not to scale.   

The ultimate disclaimer is contained at the end of the Appendix, " The following site plans represent a conceptual approach to locating building additions and site modifications at the schools recommended for additions and reconfiguration. These conceptual plans are intended for the purpose of determining feasibility only. Detailed site analysis and specific program development at the time of design may dictate significant modifications and/or alternate solutions. In other words, these conceptual plans provide a framework for future design efforts. The design process will be led by architects in consultation with the District’s Design and Construction staff as well as the local school’s construction committee, as designated by each local school council.”

Clearly upon a thorough site analysis and assessment of specific programmatic needs, the architects will confirm that the situation at Lakeside dictates alternative solutions to expansion!

Further, we stand by our belief that there are experts who should do a thorough review of all DCSD properties, buildings, and academic models selected for their long term vision prior to any SPLOST V money is spent on property acquisitions or additions to existing school facilities.

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Lakeside Better Not Bigger

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