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Lakeside Better Not Bigger

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Since it's opening in 1964, Lakeside High School has been designed as a neighborhood school located within the Northlake area of DeKalb County.  It is situated at the intersection of Oak Grove Road and Briarcliff Road and is bordered on one side by wetlands that have been subject to flooding and on the other side by residential homes.  Unlike other mega schools, the proposed expansion at Lakeside does not have adjacent land to build upon.  As a matter of fact, there has been a net loss of athletic spaces due to the existing overcrowding.  Furthermore, unlike 2600 seat high schools that were planned from the outset to serve more students, street access within the Lakeside High School neighborhood is already inadequate to serve the existing students and staff causing gridlock, long commute times, and obstruction of emergency vehicles.


Lakeside High School is landlocked in a residential neighborhood and surrounded by flooding wetlands (maps of Lakeside HS and Parkview HS are presented at the same map scale)

Parkview High School – Enrollment 2,986 with four lane road and dedicated turn lane access


The proposed Lakeside High School Addition must all be crammed within the existing site.  Below is an architect reviewed rendering that was used by the DeKalb County School District to demonstrate the "feasibility" of the addition.  This was presented to the DeKalb Board of Education as well as the public and is not to scale.


Despite these significant, obvious, and well-known structural, logistical, and environmental problems, there has been no feasibility study to even determine if the architect's rendering can be implemented on the existing site.  For example, there is already an extreme shortage of parking at the existing enrollment of 1796.  Between the preexisting parking shortage and small congested residential street access, staff and student driving to Lakeside High School will become more difficult.  This is a problem that cannot be solved by the Lakeside Construction Advisory Committee given the rigid geographical constraints.  There has also been no evaluation to how much the loss of green space and installation of more impervious hard surfaces will worsen the existing flooding problems in the Echo Lake wetlands.

In the public forums, the DeKalb School Board and Superintendent’s Office is deflecting all real-world questions of feasibility despite the severe known logistical limitations.

  • Of the existing facilities, only the kitchen, cafeteria, and media center would be expanded to accommodate the addition of 750 students.
  • Most of the existing campus would remain completely unchanged, including all existing classrooms, entrances, bus lanes, hallways, stairwells, administrative offices, gym, locker rooms, auditorium, storage, maintenance rooms, and all classrooms uniquely designed for science, technology, performing arts, visual arts, and ROTC instruction.
  • Some of these facilities were added or expanded during the previous renovation, but many are unchanged from their original state when LHS opened over 50 years ago for only 950 students.
  • The proposed 2-story classroom addition could eliminate the pool and is drawn to take less space on the rendering than existing classroom spaces serving fewer students.
  • There is insufficient space for parking - the proposed parking garage is prohibitively expensive and would empty directly on to Oak Grove Road.
  • The softball field would be ‘relocated’ to a known stream containing wetland area.
  • The Echo Lake Wetlands area is fragile and already subject to flooding. Further LHS expansion in this area would result in even more runoff and is ecologically unsound.


Lakeside Better Not Bigger

Educate DeKalb Education

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