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Lakeside Better Not Bigger

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The Echo Lake Wetlands Area is Fragile and Subject to Flooding

As a result, there is very little land available for physical expansion and the needed hard surface parking lots.  Further LHS expansion in this area would result in even more runoff and is ecologically unsound.

The DeKalb County Initial Rendering for Lakeside HS Expansion

This artist conception is not to drawn scale and includes a parking garage that will empty on to Oak Grove Road with virtual elimination of the presently remaining green space.  Furthermore the architect proposes to relocate the softball field in the middle of the wetlands flood zone ignoring stream buffer requirements.

The existing green space along the perimeter of the current parking lots will be paved to accommodate the parking requirements resulting in less ground absorption of surface water and more hard surface runoff which will worsen flooding on Briarcliff Road and the surrounding wetland neighborhoods.

Years of neglect and silt infiltration into Echo Lake has left homes as well as the access roads vulnerable to flooding.  Lakeside High School expansion will require the paving of what little green space remains and worsen the rain runoff and flooding problem.

The entire watershed (Echo Lake Sub Basin) is in known distress.  Our aging and neglected storm management system has insufficient capacity for runoff. 

Click here for the Dewberry Study 2017

Click here for the Jordan Engineering Study 1976



During especially heavy rains, not only is there flooding in the surrounding homes, the primary access road to Lakeside High School literally becomes submerged.

This photo shows the southeastern corner of the football field and track demonstrating the topography challenges of the site in general. 

Although the watershed is in distress, there are beautiful portions of the creek as shown below right here in our community.  If tributaries in the Echo Lake Sub Basin could be improved,  ultimately we would improve the water quality in the Chattahoochee River - our source of drinking water. 

We're all connected.



Lakeside Better Not Bigger

Educate DeKalb Education

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