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DeKalb County School District Deliberately Hides Expansion Discussions From Public

The DeKalb County School District was specifically called out by the Assistant Georgia State Attorney General for deliberately scheduling small meetings with School Board Members in an effort to avoid a quorum in order to circumvent making the SPLOST discussions subject to the Open Meetings rule.   Dan Drake the acting DCSD COO specifically implemented this strategy as a way of withholding information from the taxpayers and parents that are funding the SPLOST.  There is more on Stan Jester's page and the WSB video below.

Despite the admonition from the Georgia Assistant Attorney General that "that the board will in the future carry out not only the letter of the law but adhere to the spirit of the law as well", the DCSD has planned to continue these meetings in a way to obscure the decision-making process.


DeKalb County School District Procurement Assessment Document is Troubling

Despite initially refusing open records requests by the AJC and WSB, the document was made public.  DeKalb County School Board member Stan Jester stated the independent assessment "indicates that ethics and integrity are pretty much nonexistent in the school district."  The AJC's Marlon Walker and WSB's Richard Belcher stories are linked below.  In discussing the practice of DCSD employees accepting meals and travel from vendors, the independent fraud examiner John Jupin says "Oh God, those are red flags of fraud...  if you see that, then there's fraud, somewhere."

School Board Member Allyson Gevertz has a different interpretation

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Lakeside Better Not Bigger

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