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Lakeside Better Not Bigger

Educate DeKalb


Please contact DeKalb County Leadership and express your opposition to the expansion plan.


December 5, 2016 E-SPLOST 5 Vote including expansion of Dunwoody HS, Chamblee Charter HS, and Lakeside HS by the DeKalb County Board of Education


Click here to view the actual proceeding recording.  The discussion and vote begin at the 34:43 minute mark.  The Lakeside HS representative Jim McMahan speaks at 36:30 minutes.



GA Dept of Education Board Member Phone

Email Address

Barbara Hampton, CPA

Sixth Congressional District

(404) 657-7410

DeKalb County School Superintendent



Dr. R. Stephen Green

(678) 676-1200

DeKalb County Board of Education Members



Dr. Michael A. Erwin, District 3, BOE Chair

(voted for expansion)

(404) 599-4090

Marshall Orson, District 2, BOE Vice Chair

(voted for expansion)

(404) 621-3205

James L. ‘Jim’ McMahan, BOE Commissioner District 4

(outgoing Lakeside representative - voted for expansion)

(404) 621-5854

Allyson Gevertz, BOE Member Elect District 4

(incoming Lakeside representative)

Stan Jester, District 1

(voted against expansion)

(678) 656-4102

Vickie Turner, District 5

(voted for expansion)

(678) 570-9886

Dr. Melvin Johnson, District 6

(voted for expansion)

(404) 621-3324

Dr. Joyce Morley, District 7

(voted for expansion)

(404) 599-9632

SPLOST V Advisory Committee

DeKalb County School District Administration



Dan Drake, Interim Chief Operating Officer

 (678) 676-1446

Trenton Arnold, DCSD Regional Superintendent

 (678) 676-0671

Richard Boyd, DCSD Design and Construction Director

 (678) 676-1200

Lakeside High School Leadership



Damian Bounds, Lakeside High School Principal

 (678) 874-6703

Sarah Merkle, Lakeside High School Principal Advisory Council Chairperson

Julie Dasher, Lakeside High School PTSA Co-President

Laura Morse, Lakeside High School PTSA Co-President

Lakeside High School Construction Advisory Committee



Lakeside Better Not Bigger

Educate DeKalb

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