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The current and future locations of the northernmost DeKalb High Schools are circled in yellow in the map below.  Lakeside High School and the new Cross Keys High School are situated very close to each other in the southern part of the attendance map while the northeast portion of the attendance map is largely ignored.  Present commute times for students living in the Lakeside and Cross Keys attendance areas are needlessly high due to attendance zones determined by the DeKalb County Board of Education and the lack of any additional new high schools in Region 1 and 2 since the 1960's.

The oval in orange represents the chronically neglected northern most area of the attendance map where the forward thinking building of a Doraville High School would simultaneously alleviate overcrowding at existing schools while establishing a badly needed neighborhood-based school in the Doraville area.



Doraville High School Placement



Lakeside Better Not Bigger

Educate DeKalb Education

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